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Ekovinyl- Polyvinyl chloride  


Products SPVC and EPVC

We offer high quality products SPVC and EPVC. We offer our brand ekovinyl, under which we sell polyvinyls chloride.

How we deliver  

We offer several ways to safely deliver our goods to your company.

Train transport

Ship transport

Truck transport

Contact with us

If you want to find out the details of the offer, please contact us.

+1 347 30 51 120


What is the form of transport?

Ekovinyl is transported by train, ship and truck in containers.

Who we are?

We are a company engaged in the production and sale of our Ekovinyl brand product.

Where are we from?

We have our headquarters in Poland. Our branch is located in Houston

What is vinyl polyvinyl chloride used for?

Polyvinylchloride is used for the production of, for example: floor coverings, window and door carpentry, accessories (in the form of various finishing strips), pipes and fittings for installation in buildings, as facade (siding), foil, etc. in medicine: drains, probes , catheters, syringes.

We Operate Globally